Argentine studio Designo Patagonia created this awesome series of Tetris-shaped street furniture that showcases recyclable materials like plastic bottles, cans, and paper. Located within a city park in Córdoba, Argentina, these unique seats and tables were designed for recreation and to teach passerby about sustainability issues. The Tetris-shaped containers are made from iron frames and glass, are packed with recyclable materials, and feature easy-to-understand eco-facts written on the surface of each piece.

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Commissioned by recycling company C.Re.S.E., the Tetris outdoor furniture seeks to ‘stylize’ rubbish. Designer Manu Rapoport wanted to help people understand that rubbish can be a precious raw material. By displaying perfectly clean recyclable paper, tin, glass, pet, nylon, expanded polystyrene, aluminum and tetra-brick, people will hopefully remember to separate them at home to ensure that they enter a second life as a new material.

C.Re.S.E. is a nationalized recycling company that collects household waste and distributes it through local cartoneros cooperatives that separate, clean, pack and sell precious waste to recycling companies around the country. Since the company opened, almost 30% of the city has joined the recycling efforts. Displaying sustainable facts in a colloquially inclusive way, Tetris stands out as a beautiful example for Argentines to follow.

+ Designo Patagonia

Photo © Designo Patagonia