Good news on the alternative energy front: Texas managed to break the U.S. wind energy generation record last Friday morning when it produced 6,272 MW of power–19% of the total electricity mix. The state, which is the country’s wind power leader, got just 6.2 percent of its electricity from wind overall last year.

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In actuality, Texas is capable of producing much more than 19% of its electricity from wind using current turbine installations. The problem is a lack of transmission lines to take the power to the urban centers where it is needed most. But Texas plans on investing $5 billion in transmission lines over the coming years–a project that will take wind energy from West Texas, which produces 89% of Texas’ wind capacity, to cities like Houston and Dallas. Overall, the U.S. hopes to get 20% of its energy from wind turbinesby 2020–a lofty goal considering Texas is just now reaching that milestone.

Via BusinessGreen