Texas Central Railway is developing a blazing fast 200 mph bullet train that will run from Houston to Dallas. Richard Lawless, the company’s CEO, said he was inspired by the time he spent living in Tokyo during the 1980s, where the Shinkansen bullet train travels at 100 mph between Tokyo and Oaska.

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The Texan bullet train project is currently undergoing an environmental impact study, but it is hoped that the project, which is four years in the making, will lead to a high-speed rail route that will rival flying and surpass driving for speed and efficiency. The cost of the project estimated to be around $10 billion, and it will be completely funded by private interests.

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The launch of a bullet train in Texas would aid the state’s tourism, as it sees about 233 million domestic visitors each year – however current estimates reckon that it won’t be finished until 2021 at the earliest. Japan’s JR Central railway is one of the project’s backers, and when the train is completed it is expected to save thousands of tons of CO2 every year – since the Shinkansen bullet train launched in 1964, it has cut CO2 emissions by about 15,000 tons annually.

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