Larry Johnson used to be a computer guy in Texas, but then he decided he wanted to work outside instead. Although he didn’t know much about plants at the time, Johnson got into vertical farming and designed a growing system much in the way he approached computer software—essentially, building up. EzGro Garden is the result of that effort: a modular, scalable vertical container garden that can be used by anyone, almost anywhere, to grow just about anything.

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This “high-density vertical garden system,” as Johnson describes it, is designed to be set up just about anywhere and grow just about anything. You can start a farm on a rooftop, a parking space, a deck, in your backyard or even indoors, and then use it to grow greens, vegetables, strawberries, or whatever you like to munch on. The EzGro Garden is a closed hydroponic system, so it conserves and reuses water, using much less water in total than a traditional container garden would.

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The now-farmer shows off his 600-plant strawberry garden, which is housed in just 15 containers stacked in a 2-foot by 18-foot plot. The individual pots are made from post-consumer recycled plastic (mostly from old milk jugs and the like), and Johnson has been working over the past 15 years to make the system even more affordable and easy to use.

This 30-day time lapse shows how much growth is possible, in a farm the size of a parking space.

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Images via EzGro Garden