Screenshot from The Junk King by Evan Burns

A Texan man named Vince Hannemann has been collecting other people’s junk in his backyard since 1989. Over the past several years, he has constructed a massive “Cathedral of Junk”, much to the amusement and fascination of locals – but now the city of Austin wants him to bring the landmark up to code. A recent video by filmmaker Evan Burns documents the incredible structure – check it out after the break!

Vince Hannemann’ 33-foot-high, 60-ton Junk Cathedral is a popular attraction in Austin, Texas that draws thousands of visitors each year. Many give donations in order to explore the two-story structure. In fact, over the past year,  the cathedral even appeared in promotional materials for the People’s Gallery, a city-sponsored art exhibition meant to showcase Austin’s quirkiness and creative energy!

The junk cathedral has attracted free spirits for decades, many whom have used it as temporary housing. However now Austin has issued Mr. Hannemann with a safety complaint warning that unless the building meets certain safety regulations, it will be demolished. Hannemann, who is also known as the ‘Junk King’, has promised to “fight this up to the very legal limit.”

Since the announcement, dozens of volunteers have been working to bring the structure up to code. This includes the removal of over four tons of junk and the cathedral’s Christmas lights. Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Travis Habersaat, who is an architect who volunteered to draw up the plans that Mr. Hannemann will submit with his permit application said: “It’s become a monument to Austin’s creativity.”

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Screenshots from The Junk King by Evan Burns