Texas is being pummeled by rain that has swept away cars, an entire train, and possibly even one man attempting to rescue his dog. Authorities have been forced to close I-45 and half of the state is under flash flood warnings over the rest of the weekend. At least 20 inches of rain has poured into areas of Texas and, thanks to Hurricane Patricia, more is still expected.

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Texas has been suffering from a drought this year, which makes the torrential rains even more dangerous. Creeks and waterways are overflowing and the streets and dams aren’t designed to handle such a deluge, which is causing flash flooding. There have even been a few voluntary evacuations in parts of the state where flooding is expected.

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So far, only one person has been reported missing: a homeless man who was attempting to fetch his dog from a drainage ditch and was swept away, according to witnesses. Two other men got the scare of a lifetime after they were forced to abandon a Union Pacific train with dozens of cars attached. The men stopped the train when they realized that the flooding in the area was too extreme, and swam to high ground before the train was swept away.


Images via Corad and Navarro County OEM