Cool coffee shops are a dime a dozen, but finding a place that’s designed with function, sustainability and ambiance in mind? Not so easy. Vancouver-based Thatcher’s Coffee takes sustainably-designed interior spaces up a notch. Spotted over at Design Sponge, the beautifully furnished shop boasts chairs upholstered in coffee sacks, planters made from recycled coffee cans, and lights constructed from coffee pots — details that ensure patrons would be hard-pressed to lose sight of the life cycle of the cup of brew sitting before them.

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Not only does Thatcher’s sell locally-baked goods and coffee while making their own seasonal pastries on site — they go a step further with an interior replete with sustainably-designed furnishings. It’s a difficult feat to incorporate coffee pots and cans into décor without looking too kitschy, so Thatcher’s called upon Fix Studio, a Portland design studio with a passion for sustainable designs, green materials and environmentally-efficient projects.

The finished product is a sleek but comfortable atmosphere that provides a sense of history for the goods consumed there. Through carefully-considered interior design elements, Thatcher’s offers the conscious consumer a new sense of the goods they choose to purchase and support.  I’ll drink to that.

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Via Design Sponge