For those of you looking for some end-of-summer cinema, the most important film to go see in the next few weeks is The 11th Hour, a global warming documentary produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Nadia Conners and Leila Conners Petersen. The film – which just recently opened in your local cineplex to great reviews – is a moving look at the world’s contemporary environmental crisis, and a rousing call-to-action to try to stop global warming before it is too late.

Sort of a companion piece to last year’s academy award winner, An Inconvenient Truth, the 11th Hour is a call to arms for all of us to stop climate change. The 11th hour is based on the premise that this is literally the last possible moment in which we can act to save the world. The movie offers insights and interviews with policy experts, scientists and sustainable design experts such as perennial Inhabitat favourites William McDonough and Bruce Mau.

Unlike An Inconvenient Truth, which was essentially a global primer on climate change, the 11th Hour filmmakers try to present their experiences in finding out how we had arrive at this moment, and how to best prevent the catastrophe in a way that makes the audience feel like they can be part of the same journey.

“We ourselves wanted to understand why humans were on a crash course with nature, and what we had to do to change course,” says Co-Writer/Co-Director/Producer Leila Conners Petersen. Her sister and collaborator, Nadia Conners, adds, “One of the great things about doing this project was being able to meet people that inspired me or opened my mind through their work and writings. It was a great honor and a huge learning experience.”

Don’t forget to visit the film’s website for information on the film and what you can do to take action and save the world. And make sure to read Inhabitat’s Green Building 101 guide for some simple steps that will help you reduce your energy footprint and improve your health and the environment.

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