In a quest to provide safe housing for everyone around the world, no matter what their economic standing, the Harvard Business Review Blog has teamed up with Ingersoll Rand’s Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability to present the $300 House design competition. The contest is open to anyone and boasts a hefty prize of $25,000 and the chance to have your house prototype actually produced.

The challenge is to design a “simple dwelling that keeps a family safe, allows them to sleep at night, gives them protection from the elements and a sense of dignity, for $300.” Judged by a panel of big names in the design world such as Yves Behar, Rahul Mehrotra, Bob Freling and Stuart Hart, the competition’s winners will be chosen online, and will then be whisked away on a 2 week workshop to build their prototypes in Alabama with the organization COMMON. They will also engage in a social venture to manufacture and distribute the $300 homes.

The $300 home could help solve the world’s homelessness problem, providing self-sufficient dwellings, rather than communal homeless shelters, and give underprivileged families the chance and confidence they need to move onto a better life.

+ $300 House

+ Ingersoll Rand’s Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

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