Once autonomous cars take over, what will we do with all of our newfound time while sitting in the car? The Aeon Project is an augmented reality interface that could allow us to travel to distant destinations, explore the wonders of the world or just learn about our surroundings – all from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

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The Aeon project is an in-car Heads Up Display (HUD), that allows drivers to navigate and control aspects of their vehicle while learning more about their surroundings. Driving past a famous architectural masterpiece? The display will tell you all about with a gorgeous visual story right in front of your eyes.

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The viewer can choose between augmented reality, mixed reality or virtual reality by adjusting the volume-like meter. Or, if you need a break from visual stimulation, thou can even choose a blank screen so that you can meditate or just relax. The project took first place at the Imagina Awards for Best Design and Communication in 2011 and here’s to hoping it will be a (virtual) reality very soon.

+ Michael Harboun

Via Yanko Design