Wouldn’t it be great if all the nasty gas-guzzling Hummers of the world could be replaced by a clean green vehicle that produces oxygen and is completely recyclable? If General Motors is able to realize its utopian Hummer O2 design, we may actually see something like this in the near future. GM just won the Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge with a creative algae-fueled design for a green concept car.

GM beat out top electric car front runners, including Toyota and Honda, with their design of the Hummer O2. The contest challenged top automakers to design a vehicle that could be fully recycled after reaching the end of a five-year life span. The winning design from GM for their version of the Hummer O2 is powered by hydrogen tank and fuel cells. What sets the Hummer O2 apart is its algae-filled body shell that not only creates oxygen, but opens up like a flower to the afternoon sun to catch sunlight while it’s parked. While I’m not sure how much of a theft deterrent a wide open car proves to be, the innovative thinking behind the Hummer O2 is just a clip of what the future in automobiles hold for us.

GM also announced that the next three years would bring biofuel engine options to their entire Hummer lineup.

Via Archinect via CNN