Talk about upcycling — this tiny barbeque grill is made from a single Altoids Sours tin, two salvaged computer fan guards and a handful of nuts and screws, and it’s big enough to handle a wiener or a hamburger patty! Instructables user vmspionage claims that he (or she) got the inspiration from the eBq, which employs the larger Altoids mints tin, but in the name of progress vmspionage has made that original grill look like a 1980s computer by comparison.

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If you’re as curious as we are about how to construct one of these grills, check out the DIY instructions at Instructables and show your finished product off at this weekend’s Labor Day festivities. And don’t forget desert — as one Instructables reader observed, “It’s the perfect marshmallow bbq!”

Instructables via Gizmodo