Over on Archinect this weekend, we discovered that a couple museums in England are currently gearing up for major exhibitions on “The Art of Climate Change”.

David Buckland of the pioneering Cape Farewell Project has assembled a group of hotshot young British artists (including Gary Hume and Rachel Whitereade) to join journalists and scientists on sailing voyages into the Arctic, through routes that were previously icebound. The project uses radio, film, journalism and art to bring attention to the effects of climate change and global warming on the polar ice caps and, more generally, the world. Since the alarming scientific data on polar ice cap melting doesn’t seem to be doing enough to freak people out and spur them into action, Buckland hopes that his collaboration can “engage the public’s imagination” to alter such practices as burning coal for fuel.

We’re looking forward to exhibtions planned for “The Ship – The Art of Climate Change” which will hit Oxford’s Bodleian Library in December 2005, the London Natural History Museum in 2006.

+ Cape Farewell Project
+ David Buckland

Via Archinect