Aston Martin is famously known for being the sports car of choice for James Bond, but now the carmaker has teamed up with Factor Bikes to create a two-wheeled version of their iconic (and expensive) One-77 Coupe — the One-77 Cycle. Clearly designed for the super-rich cyclists among you (or British secret agents), the One-77 Cycle is described as “the world’s most technologically advanced road bicycle” and features a high-tech computer system, a complex array of sensors, and a carbon fiber frame to keep the weight down.

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The bike’s computer is not only advanced, but delivers a whole lot more information than the standard speed and distance traveled. The system provides a menu of over 100 specific measurements, including crank torque, crank force and leg power, which are even sub-divided into right and left leg subsections. Other information provided included wasted leg power, rear wheel speed, acceleration, and rate of ascent — it’s not so much a computer, but an all-in-one sports laboratory for cyclists. It also sports a Bluetooth connection to connect with and share data to smartphones and other devices.

In a statement, Factor Bikes said: “The One-77 Cycle represents the pinnacle of British engineering prowess, with practically every component custom-designed and built in house by bf1systems – only the tyres, bearings and electric gear system are off-the-shelf. Aston Martin’s extensive experience with design and craft is conveyed through the careful use of materials, from the rich, deep paintwork to the hand-stitched trim on the handlebars and saddles.”

Of course, a bike that is made from carbon fiber, has a high-tech computer and integrated LED lights is going to come with a high price tag, so you won’t be surprised to learn that the One-77 Cycle costs $39,000. However they are are custom-made, so if you were to buy one, your measurements would be integrated into the construction process, allowing Factor Bikes to optimize the build to your personal requirements.

There are a limited number (only 77 – see what they did there!), so if you are interested, you better be quick.


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Via The Daily Mail