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Ento, bug dining, eating bugs, meat alternatives, Julene Aguirre, Jacky Chung, Aran Dasan, Jonathan Fraser

Ento by Julene Aguirre, Jacky Chung, Aran Dasan and Jonathan Fraser from RCA, is a project investigating the nutritional value of eating of insects. The project examines and how they are processed in our body compared to meat, and the designers present a series of “recipes” for their use.

Gaspard Tiné-Berès, flat pack shoes, diy shoes, low impact shows, eco friendly shoes

Gaspard Tiné-Berès has turns flat-packable fabric into a practical shoe. His project explores cost-efficient ways to produce footwear, even on a small scale production.

Kami Lights, Ett la benn, green lighting, celulose lamps, eco lamps, biodegradable lamps

These Kami Lights by Ett la benn have been constructed from cellulose.

e27, light drops, metal lighting fixtures, eco lighting, perforated metal lights

Light drop by e27is a series of objects made from perforated metal plates typically used for building facades in architecture.

Plant Your Chair, naturally made chairs, chairs you grow, eco furniture, low impact funiture, living furniture

“Plant Your Chair” is a radical way of producing a chair in a nature. Depending less on mechanics and more on natural processes, the chair comes with an ever-changing story, making it a poetic piece.

Jose de la O, glass bulbs, natural insect repellants, natural fly repelants

Inspired by the way pedlars on the street scare away flies, Mexico-born Jose de la O made these beautiful glass containers to mimic the process.

vicky lamp, Jose de la O, terrarium lamp, living lamp, grow lamps, eco friendly lamps, green lighting

Jose de la O also showed off his Vicky Lamp, a gorgeous lamp that not only provides a source of light, but a space for growing food.

Polyfloss Factory, recycled plastic dishware, recycled plastic design, recycled materials, eco friendly decor

ThePolyfloss Factory is a micro-manufacturing machine that transforms plastic waste into a foam-like material called “polyfloss”. The machine uses the same principles of a candy floss machine, creating a playful way to deal with serious problems.

Annebet Philips, Soft Lamp, eco friendly lamps, green lamps, soft lamps

This textile Soft Lamp is created by fashion designerAnnebet Philips. Its soft, warm and playful character invites you to interact with. The lamp uses LED bulbs.

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