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The core of the Big Crunch consists of a tubular metal frame that has been wrapped in strips of wood lattice. Various debris are hung from this foundation, and the center of the mound features a small room with openings at both ends. The materials are layered to create a sense of direction and movement that flows from the entrance to the direction of the theater.

Taking discarded items from civilization and combining them in a frenetic mound is a provocative statement — Raumlaborberlin sees it as “a gathering place and forum for conflict and discussions.” Like the eye of a storm, the frenzied chaos is haunting. The structure seems to have been assembled by another force – one that has left behind a trail of debris composed of items that society no longer deems valuable. Whether visitors are amused by the work or other emotions arise, we hope they are up-to-date on their tetanus shots.

+ Raumlaborberlin