This evening, we will be treated to the largest supermoon to grace the night skies since 1948. For many, it will be the biggest they have seen in their lifetime, despite the fact that the supermoon phenomenon is not that uncommon. The next one this size isn’t expected to come along until 2034.

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Supermoons are not all that rare, but they are quite an incredible sight when they do roll by. The event takes place when the moon is closest to the Earth in its egg-shaped orbit called the perigee. If this happens at the same time the moon aligns itself just right with the Sun, a perigee-syzygy effect takes place and we see the satellite as an enormous presence in the sky.

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There was a large supermoon event in October, and another is projected for December, however neither are as large as the one taking place on November 14. The supermoon expected on December 14 will block the Geminid meteor shower – one stunning cosmic event obstructing another. Make plans to witness this month’s supermoon, because you won’t have a chance to see another one this massive for quite some time.

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Images via Wikimedia, Bigtallguy, and Jonny White