Boulder Electric Vehicle just sold the first commercial electric truck capable of hitting 70 mph to Precision Plumbing and Electric. The company’s new fleet will use only one half-kilowatt hour per mile (2-5 times better than a diesel engine), generate zero local emissions, and find a savings of $5,000 per truck per year. Not only do these 2-ton capacity work-horses get 120 miles on a charge, but they are designed and made in the USA! How’s that for green economy?

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The Boulder Electric Vehicle trucks are available now and their delivery vans will be ready soon. These trucks are clearly designed for the tough demands of local commercial use. They come in ranges of 40, 80 or 120 miles with an electricity cost of 4-8 cents per mile, which is significantly below the cost of comparable diesel models. From the LED interior lights, to the AC brushless motor, to a built-in tire pressure monitoring system, these trucks are made to be low maintenance and efficient to run (you can check out the full list of specs and features here).

The BEV team includes some heavyweights in the EV world, which has allowed them to design the vehicles from the ground up.  Having an expert design team means that the DV-500 and its car cousins have been aerodynamically engineered for maximum mileage and vehicle control, as well as made with lightweight, rust-proof composite materials and the best possible battery system. The models already fit the standards of most of the delivery industry but the team is also working on options like passenger shuttles, school buses and flat bed service trucks. The electric vehicles are also fully customizable and made right in Colorado.

With no oil, no smog pollution, incredible efficiency, and the fact that they can be powered by wind or solar, we think we’ve got a winner on our hands!

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Images via Boulder Electric Vehicle