This mini concept car, designed by Brazilian designer Ricardo Fedrizzi, is all electric, meaning it has zero emissions. The “Bug” is a super cute two-seater vehicle meant for puttering around in the city and was designed to be aerodynamic and lightweight in order to maximize performance. Fedrizzi’s concept also makes use of recyclable and renewable materials for the body of the car.

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The little “Bug” is confusingly named, because this design isn’t by or for Volkswagen, but has a similar look and feel to VW’s aesthetic. Designed for two people strictly for urban transit, the Bug is an all electric vehicle. Since it’s just a concept, no word yet on how many miles it can go on a charge, its top speed, etc., but its small size certainly increases its economy, making it a very useful car for the city.

Fedrizzi’s concept is sleek and fluid aiming for an aerodynamic shape to improve performance. He also focused on reducing weight, for instance replacing the glass windshield and windows with resilient polycarbonate, which is lighter and very safe. The car would be built from both light and tough alloys, that are “nano-engineered” as well as recyclable and renewable materials, like polymers with a load of vegetable fiber.

Via The Design Blog