Ulf Mejergren Architects just unveiled “Bum Shack” – a playful temporary shelter designed for a skating trail on Winnipeg’s Assiniboine river. The Bum Shack’s facade is nestled into a huge pile of snow, and it’s shingled with bum slider sleds – so visitors can lift one of the sliders from the side of the building and slide down the snowy embankment. The project is an entry for the Warming Huts Competition, an annual open art and architecture competition that invites entrants to design temporary winter shelters.

UMA Bum Shack Front

Each slider is made from a woollen pad that’s attached to a thin plastic slide, and the pads themselves are dyed different shades of red, depending on how long they’ve been allowed to soak in the dye. Since the pads are differently colored and are constantly being rearranged by visitors who pull them free, use them, and then replace them, the facade is ever-changing. This structure is constantly rebuilt anew as people interact with it.

The hut itself is built from a framework of criss-crossed wood, and the slider shingles hang on pegs on the facade. When the weather is windy and cold, those sliders can remain in place to create a wind barrier and insulation for the inside cave. On sunnier days, those sliders can be detached and either used to butt-slide down the hill, or as impromptu seating. They’re perfect for people who like to watch the skaters slide around on the frozen river, as they can nestle down on a comfortable seat instead of just sitting in the snow.

+ Ulf Mejergren Architects