How do you top crossing the Americas by car with the entire family in tow? If you are the Camper Clan family, you do it by setting a Guinness World Record by traveling 6,200 miles across the the United States on an electric bicycle! The family’s journey began August 23 in Missoula, Montana and they have already traveled 500 miles through Glacier National Park and Montana’s badlands. That leaves just 5,700 miles – from Montana to Maine to Florida – to go.

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The Camper Clan is hoping to fund the adventure with a Kickstarter campaign and in return, they are filming their entire trip. According to Dylan Drake, mother of the Clan, “We feel so strongly that electric bicycles can make a positive impact on the planet and in our everyday lives that we wanted to do something to get the word out.”

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Tomas Cortijo, the family’s patriarch, has been commuting on an eBike for years. He will be riding the bike while Dylan follows behind with the support vehicle and their two kids. By the end of their adventure, they hope to share their travels to help educate the world about environmental travel – and maybe get a record in the process.

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