Sometimes it is difficult not to get bogged down in numbers when talking about carbon emissions; it is hard to imagine the nearly 6-million tons that the United States spews into the atmosphere every year. Enter Robbie Tilton and his amazing carbon emissions globe. The globe is a digital simulation of the world’s emissions in an interactive display. Emissions are represented by a smoke-like plume on a slowly rotating planet and, as you can imagine, it paints a very scary picture.

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The globe allows you to visualize emissions from 2006 to 2010. As the globe rotates, you can point and click anywhere to rotate the image, which really drives home just home just how bad emissions are in the northern hemisphere in contrast to the southern and how much worse some countries are than others. And if there is any question about just how much emissions continue to increase, clicking between the 2006 globe and the 2010 globe illustrates a dramatic change.

According to Tilton, “The globe hopes bring awareness to the massive amount of pollution we generate and encourages us as a global society to start proactively acting to reduce our environmental impact.” The website also provides a few charts for even more impact.

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via Fast.Co