The Emax Excalibur solar hybrid luxury yacht isn’t shy about its carbon neutral status: it is literally covered in solar panels from prow to stern. The green vessel, built by Sauter Carbon Offset Design and the Ned Ship Group, is built from kevlar and carbon and is completely carbon neutral. But the coolest thing about this new ship is that you can plug it in and return energy to the grid–over 50 megawatts per year. According to Sauter Carbon Offset Design, “The plug-in Emax Excalibur has a top speed of 30 knots and can harvest enough energy per year to offset up to 3,000 nautical miles of carbon-neutral cruising at 18 knots.”

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Richard Sauter, head of design, said of the new green ship, “The Emax Excalibur is the world’s first carbon-neutral yacht built from molds in order to produce a semi-custom series, which represents a revolutionary first step in the maritime industry towards the production of post-carbon yachts.” The Emax Excalibur has 3 double cabins and one single at the fore and features EnergyStar appliances, air conditioning, and refrigeration with waste heat recovery, SunPower/Solbian Marine solar panels, and a giant lithium ion battery to go with its state-of-the-art diesel hybrid engines. Check out the layout of the new vessel in our photo album below.

+ Sauter Carbon Offset Design

+ Ned Ship Group