This three-wheeled, shape changing, two-person electric car of the future is more than just a concept vehicle — it’s a concept for a future transportation system. Designed by Tom Kent the “Cell” is meant to solve a multitude of problems by lowering emissions, creating electric car charging infrastructure and solving urban congestion issues. Drivers can live in the suburbs, take the Cell to the city, plug it in to charge, and take another fully charged vehicle home at the end of the day.

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The Cell fits two people and is configured like the cockpit of an airplane, with the driver in front and the passenger directly behind. It comes complete with a lot of doo-dads, including LCD screens showing views from cameras placed around the car, it leans to the side while cornering for a “more dynamic driving style” and with the push of a button the front wheels move closer together, shifting the width of the vehicle to fit through tight spots in traffic. We’re wondering how much energy all of these extras use up. With the small charge that most electric vehicles hold, all these cool features might eat up a lot of the Cell’s energy.

Although the Cell’s charging system excels at simplicity — you drive it straight into the charging station and it connects the battery a power supply — it does put limitations upon the vehicle’s range. You can only bring the Cell to places that have appropriate charging stations, since it doesn’t seem to be able to charge off a regular outlet like many electric cars can today. Owners don’t have a specific vehicle — they own a share in the system and are allowed to pick up cars and drop them off as needed. The Cell is like an electric Zip-Car meant for the every day energy-conscious urban commuter.

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