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The main house itself is entered via a very modest, almost ramshackle entrance/sunroom. The cave is actually not naturally formed, and the yellow granite was blasted out by a specialist who supported the ceiling with steel rods. The result is surprisingly natural looking as the main living space is surrounded by roughly hewn undulating rock walls. The raw spaces have been carefully detailed with modern appliances, ample iron work and built in furniture and cabinets. Past the modern high end kitchen is the dining room, bedrooms and a full bath. Being in the desert the owner even wisely installed a dual flush toilet.

The home’s elevation is 5,300 feet so temperature swings can be dramatic. During the heat of an Arizona summer the interior stays in the low 70s naturally. In winter the indoors can bottom out at 66 degrees, which while a tad cool, is much better than many homes built in the mid ’80s—and not using any air conditioning and heating has saved the occupants a lot of money over the years.

The mountainous 37 acres are a pristine bit of desert where a seasonal spring feeds a series ofponds accessible by a path behind the house. A collection of out buildings litters the site – a garage, shop, library and guest house. The home was originally on the market for a cool $3 million but the price has been cut in half for the right buyer.


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