You would hope that will all of the talk about climate change and all of the positive efforts that people are making that CO2 levels would at least be holding steady, if not dropping. But, no such luck. The rate at which CO2 levels have been climbing has not only increased, but from 2012-2013 they actually climbed faster than any other time in nearly 3 decades. At this rate, we will reach a carbon level that is positively dangerous in no time.

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Scientists say that 350ppm is the absolute limit for tolerable CO2 levels. Tolerable, mind you, not desirable. But if carbon keeps climbing like it has, we will reach 400ppm in just two years. If that doesn’t scare you, how about this: part of the reason that levels have been climbing so much is because the oceans have been acidifying at a rate that we haven’t seen in human history.

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The reason that ocean acidification matters so much is because the oceans help soak up some of that carbon, making the planet a comfortable place to live. But as they become acidified, they aren’t able to keep grabbing more carbon, which means that things are only going to get worse in a hurry. Because if we don’t reduce the amount of carbon we pump into the atmosphere and the oceans can’t take on all of the excess CO2 then, well, let’s just say things will get bad.

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