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One of the most delicious designs nature has to offer, the coconut exemplifies how Mother Nature is one of the best designers around. The coconut shell is a natural packaging design solution that can take on the harshest of elements. Encasing a quick-to-perish interior sensitive to even the delicate air we breathe, the coconut husk can withstand not only incredible drops of 50 feet or more (believe us, we’ve tested this), but it’s also got enough muscle to endure extensive travel across vast oceans while perfectly protecting its contents. Not surprisingly, the impressive strength and structure of this fruit has allowed it to flourish worldwide, with viable Caribbean coconuts having been found as far north as Norway. Read ahead as our guest blogger Starre Vartan – green journalist and founder of Eco Chick – explores the merits of using the coconut as a model for effective green packaging design instead of harmful plastics.