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The bar is built up from seven different containers, which have been stacked on top of each other to create a double-height bar area, exposure to the elements, and plenty of cubbyholes where patrons can go to relax. There are at least four different private rooms, which feature walls made from various materials, multi-colored chairs, couches, and other design finishes that make it easy to forget you’re sat inside a shipping container.

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Bridget Dunlap, an entrepreneur who owns a string of other businesses in the city, had leased the land for nearly four years before the Container Bar came to life at the end of 2013. While some of the blame lies with the city, who were unfamiliar with planning permissions for shipping containers, Dunlap told the Austin Business Journal, “There were a lot of unknown variables. I can’t blame it all on the city.”

Container Bar was built with the help of Hendley | Knowles Design Studio, and should the city ever change its planning permissions, the unique design makes it easy to transport the entire bar to a different location. Not only does the establishment look like a great place to hang out, but it shows that shipping containers can be used by all kinds of people, not just those looking for an affordable way to build a home.

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Images by Container Bar, Chris Perez