Holy leaping legos! This cratalicious creature may, at first glance, appear to be some kind of primitive transformer, but he actually deserves a lot more respect that. For this is none other than Crate Man! As his name implies, his mysterious erectors lovingly built him and a whole clan of crate peeps out of primary-colored crates – you know, the kind used to ship milk jugs in. As large and in charge as Crate Man may seem, he’s really a bit shy so not much is know about him. Read on to see the facts that we have gathered and ogle other personified crate creations.

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Whether fishing on the side of the river, riding a bike (also made of crates) or doing things that are just a bit more lewd, Crate Man knows how to have fun. He pops up all over Australia, whenever his elusive makers, Sam, Jerome, Ed and Gab get bored, and he’s always doing something interesting and fun.

A cursory search of the interwebs yielded something fascinating about Crate Man – his Facebook page. Apparently, his hobbies include sitting down, waving, fishing, weight lifting, and rodeo, and his favorite movies and books are The Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. He is also in a relationship with a person (statue?) named Lin Mu.

Via RxFresh