The Toyota 2000GT is often hailed as the pinnacle of Japanese sports cars, and we were excited to see one of these babies turned into a solar powered electric vehicle. As reported on Wired, the James Bond ride, which often sells at auction for over $300,000 was transformed into a one-off EV that is powered in part by a set of hood-mounted photovoltaic panels. Though the amped-up solar ride is being called the “Crazy Car Project,” we think the idea behind it is totally sane.

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Debuted in 1965, the Toyota 2000GT was a front engine, real wheel coupe that put Japanese collectible cars on the map. The Crazy Car replaces its classic 2.0L inline-six engine with a 25 kwh lithium-ion battery and 161 hp electric motor. While what lies under the hood is what usually causes a stir, one needs to look no further than the actual surface of the car to find the real innovation. A large photovoltaic solar panel covers the front of the newly souped up ride while translucent solar cells adorn the back window. Together, they harvest the sun’s energy and completely power the electric coupe.

While most electric cars run silently, engineers had some fun with this classic automobile and outfitted the exhaust area with a number of recordings the driver can play while driving such as a revving engine, an airplane, a rocket, and even a galloping horse! This one of a kind mix of technology, fun, and collectible classics truly lives up to its crazy name.

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