Beauty is only skin deep – but try telling that to supermarkets who reject an apple or carrot with even the slightest hint of a blemish. Fortunately, there are those among us who are willing to look past perfection and accept the produce that grocery stores reject. The Culinary  Misfits are a catering team out of Germany that uses only the fruits and vegetables that don’t meet the standards of stores and restaurants.  Still perfectly edible and delicious, the misshapen or discolored food is saved from becoming animal feed or tossed in the trash.

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Care to try some twisted cucumber soup or perhaps a crooked parsnip? Founders Lea Emma Brumsack and Tanja Krakowski are willing to bet that customers are more than willing to embrace food in its true form with their organic recipes using only dismissed supermarket produce. Both women begun their careers in Product Design, focusing on the ideas surrounding urban consumerism, the distance in relationship to food production, and waste. Their start-up, Culinary Misfits, kicked off earlier in 2012 with a series of “food events” that featured dishes made with locally grown vegetables that would be seen as odd or misshapen for sale in stores. Presented on mismatched glasses and plates salvaged from thrift stores, the Misfits are committed to showcasing the beauty that lies in variety.

Currently, the two are looking to crowdfund their business so that they can find a space in Kreuzberg to experiment, cook, and establish a more permanent home for their misfit produce.

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