Holy environmentalism Batman! Considering the Dark Knight has a personal fortune of $7 billion, you would think that Bruce Wayne would have made a greener version of the Batmobile a long time ago. However, this task has fallen to designer Gordon Murray, who took it upon himself to create a much sleeker, more environmentally-friendly vehicle for Mr. Wayne.

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Now we should be clear that this is not Batman’s ride of choice for the upcoming Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight Rises, but the vehicle that will be used in the Batman Live World Arena Tour.

Drawing upon his experience designing the McLaren F1, Murray’s new Bat-concept car features a carbon-fiber body that reportedly ‘breathes’. The vehicle is also powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and a brace of lithium-ion batteries.

However, while we liked Murray’s enthuiasm for the green technology, we have to ask one thing: Neon lights?! Neon went out with the awful Batman & Robin movie and has no place on a 21st century Batmobile. It’s a shame because apart from those horrible LED wheels, the vehicle does resemble the rocket-powered Caped Crusader vehicles of yore.

Here’s hoping Christopher Nolan and co. will try and make the Dark Knight’s ride greener for the upcoming film. However, considering Christian Bale’s Batman penchance for the large armoured Tumbler, we doubt it.

Click here to see videos of the new Batmobile in action.

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