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Image ©Tim Griffith/David Brower Center

Opened in 2009, the community center is fully leased and home to the Hazel Wolf Gallery, the organic gourmet restaurant Gather, and a number of environmental non-profits including International Rivers, Center for Ecoliteracy, Citizen Engagement Lab and the Color of Change. The space has also played host to over 500 green events and conferences. Located just two blocks from a BART Station, the center is uber convenient for attendees and employees alike.

Designed by San Francisco-based WRT Design in collaboration with Loisos and UbbelohdeTipping Mar + associates for structural engineering, and Equity Community Builders as the developer, the center is super energy efficient and includes a slew of sustainable systems. Rainwater is collected from the roof, a solar hot water system provides domestic hot water, an energy and water monitoring system is published live on the center’s website and a solar system on the roof doubles as a sun shade. Inside, the building makes use of recycled and non-toxic materials and all the offices rely on natural daylighting and ventilation.

Amy Tobin, Executive Director of the David Brower Center: “We’re honored to receive the highest possible rating for this state-of-the-art green building – we’ve hosted visitors from around the world who study its design. But the people inside the building are even more interesting … this has become a destination for dozens of emerging grassroots networks and businesses committed to sustainability. We’ve seen such a dynamic array of events, conferences and meetings: it feels like we get to work at the green epicenter of the Bay Area.”

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Images ©Tim Griffith/David Brower Center and WRT Design