Despite increased awareness, Bisphenol A or BPA is still found in the bodies of 93 percent of Americans – and there are at least a dozen other hormone disruptors that don’t get the same kind of press. A new study released by the Environmental Working Group and Keep-A-Breast Foundation provides a list of other everyday chemicals in commonly used household items that could have the same effects as BPA with repeated exposure.

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BPA is a well known hormone disruptor found in water bottles, storage containers and canned food. Because of the widespread negative attention it has received, many companies now label their products as “BPA-free,” but other chemicals have managed to duck under the American public’s radar.

The Environmental Working Group’s guide, called the “Dirty Dozen,” calls out other chemicals found in items like brake fluid, flame retardants, herbicides and non-stick frying pans. These chemicals, like dioxin, could pose as endocrine disruptors that alter the development of the digestive system, the reproductive system, or even puberty.

The guide illustrates to consumers that BPA is not the only chemical to be weary of. Other endocrine disrupters on the list can cause permanent damage if exposed to for long periods, and studies have also shown that the cumulative effects can be passed down to future generations.

As of now, the United States has not imposed tight regulations on these other endocrine disrupting chemicals, but the European Union is weighing options to limit their use.

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