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Located in a space overlooking wide grassy areas that used to belong to  Philips, The Discovery Factory is the perfect space for playing and learning. With no need to book in advance, children can pop in for an afternoon of building and learning guided by students, businesses, artists, engineers and other inventors as well as Design Academy of Eindhoven’s graduate Jonathan Hofmeijer. With high ceilings, plenty of natural light, a variety of materials, and plenty of tools and guidance, children can enjoy the space and build anything that comes to mind.

Some of the many activities at The Discover Factory include creating a mechanical circus with recycled materials featuring kinetic energy powered animals. Other activities could include making a spaghetti tent, a windmill or an electric-car and making movies with them. And when the kids get tired from all that work, they can have a refreshing drink and snack to get some energy before heading back home.

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Photo © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat