More than 300 million students across the globe sit in classrooms that weren’t constructed to withstand an earthquake, leaving them susceptible to serious injury and even death if the earth were to start shaking. Designed by Arthur Brutter and Ido Bruno for dated schools in earthquake-prone areas, the Earthquake-Proof Table takes an age-old safety drill and turns it up a few notches by transforming a simple school desk into a safe refuge that can take on a ton of falling bricks!

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The “Earthquake-Proof Table” was designed by Brutter and Bruno’s for their final project at Bezalel Academy. The desk was put under a series of rigorous tests that gauged the level of impact the desk could withstand in an earthquake situation. The design of the desk also considers the financial limitations that face most schools across the globe, and each desk employs inexpensive, but quality materials that keep the cost of production low.

The patent-pending design is currently awaiting official approval from the world-leading structural engineering department of Padua University in Italy, and the dek will be on show at Bezalel Academy’s “Design Bonanza” exhibition at the Milan Furniture Fair. The focus of this show is to promote sustainable student-made products that have been created to solve global problems.

+ Bezalel Academy’s “Design Bonanza”