The family-run, high-profile racing company CRP has just revealed the first Italian-made purpose-built electric superbike — the eCRP. The sexy lines on this baby stand up to the most beautiful gas-powered Italian motorcycles — but unlike those gas guzzlers this two-wheeled dream machine has a beautiful inside as well, thanks to its emission-free drivetrain. It will be sent to the track for the first time in the upcoming clean emission World Championship TTXGP to prove its racing chops. When released to the general market it will have a built-in GPS computer system that will help you plan your routes around charging stations.

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CRP has been an integral part of the racing world for decades. They have been manufacturing high-quality parts for Formula-1 cars since the 1970’s, and in the mid-90’s developed a rapid prototyping process which allows them to create high-quality parts from start to finish in their factories overnight. The business decided they wanted to enter the electric vehicle world, and after researching cars they realized that motorcycles would be much more cost effective. So, the eCRP was born.

It has twin Agni 95 DC motors, a top speed of about 124 mph, weighs in at just 350 lbs and will retail at about 40,000 Euro — or just under $50,000. The superbike’s battery packs are available starting at 7.4 KWh, and an on-board battery management system charges it in just 3 hours. The eCRP was created under the watchful eye of CRP Technical Director Giampiero Testoni to be fast and lightweight while accommodating the unusual shape and build of an electric motor. The TTXGP — which calls itself the eGrandPrix — marks the eCRP’s debut in the world of racing. Check out the races this summer to see how it fares against the other super fast, super clean electric motorcycles.

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