From nanoflower solar cells to plant-based computer interfaces, modern technology often looks to nature for design inspiration. The Electree+ designed by Vivien Muller is a bonsai tree-shaped solar charger that can power your cell phone from your desktop. The sculptural gadget captures light through the 27 mini solar panels that adorn its branches. The Electree+ is proudly made here in the USA and it just launched on Kickstarter, starting at $199.

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At only 16 inches high, the tiny Electree+ can fit almost anywhere you need to add a touch of decoration and is available in several different colors. A cross between an appliance and a zen garden, the Electree+ is a stylish way to power your cell phone or tablet. The gadget comes with two USB ports (one 1A and one 2A) as well as an option Qi wireless charging zone that allows you to rest your smartphone directly on the tree’s base. Completely depleted, it takes the Electree+ only 4 hours of daylight to collect enough energy to charge an average phone. Electricity gathered through its 27 amorphous silicon solar cells is stored though 14,000 mAh internal battery which can charge a iPhone over nine times, a Galaxy S3 seven times, or an iPad twice without additional light exposure. The baseplate comes in in black and 4 other custom colors (depending on your Kickstarter backing level) and can be upgraded to a 1K NFC chip.

Via Gizmodo