If Back to the Future was made today, Doc Brown’s DeLorean would probably be an all-electric powerhouse. While we haven’t heard about any movie remakes in the pipeline, the electric DeLorean is about to become a reality – courtesy of Wired Italy and eCars Now! Italy.

delorean, back to the future
According to Wired Italy Features Editor Massimiliano Ferramondo, the electric DeLorean is about week from completion. But building the vehicle wasn’t easy – Ferramondo gathered up a 90 kW engine and custom designed Lithium-ion batteries that were molded specifically to fit into the DeLorean.

No word on exactly how much juice the DeLorean can squeeze out of its battery before recharging, but we’ll find out soon when the vehicle hits the road with Ferramondo driving it from Milan to Rome. Ferramondo estimates that the car travel between 125 and 135 miles before needing a recharge. Italian speakers and curious eyes can check out the DeLorean’s progress here.

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