Doing laundry can be aggravating enough without having to worry about quarters, hauling heavy loads, and wasting energy. The Laundry Pod from StoreBound avoids the stress of laundromats by providing a portable, human-powered machine that saves energy, water and money. The device uses a hand crank instead of electricity, requiring only a few minutes of work to wash a load of laundry. Similar to the GiraDora, the Laundry Pod is lightweight, easy to operate, and electricity-free.

The average visitor to a laundromat in the US can spend up to $5 per load of laundry, and if you have a conventional washing machine at home, it can drive up your utilities bills. At only $99.95, the Laundry Pod is a relatively inexpensive way to keep both a clean conscience and a clean closet. Perfect for small apartment spaces, camping, and displaced living, the Laundry Pod is a compact washer and spin dryer that takes advantage of a circular spinning mechanism powered by a hand lever. Standing at a little over a foot tall and weighing 6.5 lbs, the Laundry Pod is available in three different colors.

Only 1.5 gallons of wash water and 1/5 of detergent are needed to clean the 10 garments that can fit into the tub. Once loaded, the inside basket is spun by cranking the arm on the lid, needing only about two minutes of agitation. The drain valve and flexible hose easily siphons off soapy water. After the first cycle, fresh water can be added to rinse the load, drained, and the inner basket spun again using the hand crank to spin off excess moisture. The entire process takes about ten minutes to complete.

By purchasing a personal, human-powered machine, the owner can eliminate the need to waste fuel moving back and forth between laundromats and home, cut down on overall water and power usage, and save valuable time and money. The capacity of the Laundry Pod is a quarter of a conventional machine, so a little planning is involved to handle large amounts of dirty duds. Easier on the environment than large, metal machines, the lightweight plastic model can be easily transferred and even shared.

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