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Otarky, Rocking Chair, Modern Furniture, Renewable Energy, Electric Generator, Electricity, Igor Gitelstain, Israel

The Otarkywas recently on display at an annual design exhibition at Isreal’s Shenkar College, where Gitelstain studied Industrial Design. The chair stands out not because of its sleek and elegant design, but because many people can actually imagine having this furniture piece in their home.

The design features a linear electricity generator of ball bearings and magnets in a coil conductor in the chair’s rocking feet. As the person rocks back and forth in the chair, the ball bearings roll to convert the kinetic energy to electricity. The mechanics of this electrical production are hidden within the elegant polished metal feet. The chair also is made of shaped plywood upholstered on the seat side with a modern white fabric.

The rocking chair has been around for ages as a recreational and relaxing past time for many families. This thoughtful evolution of a thoughtless daily activity is exactly what the world needs to keep producing for us to battle our energy crisis that looms above us all the time.

See Gitelstain’s video of the Otarky Rocking Chair here.

Via Apartment Therapy