If you have ever wished that your bicycle had a little more cargo space, but you didn’t want to give up all of the benefits that come with it, the ELF may just be the answer. Part bicycle and part car, the ELF is a three-wheeled solar-electric-assist velomobile created by Organic Transit. The vehicle works great for commuting, errands and deliveries and just cruising around town.

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The ELF allows you to move around the city without the cost or emissions of a gas-powered vehicle while still providing you with protection from the elements. The ELF is powered by your own energy via floor pedals, but when you need a little extra boost up a hill or for a break, the electric motor can be engaged to move the vehicle. The ELF is designed to carry a rider and cargo inside the shell, and is equipped with road vehicle necessities like turn signals, lights and mirrors, all while being small enough to fit in the average bike lane.

The lithium battery pack charges through a standard outlet or through solar panels on the rooftop of the vehicle. The ELF has a 30-mile range when powered solely by the electric motor and it is classified as a bicycle in all 50 states, so you can take it anywhere a bike can go. The ELF has reached over $86,000 on Kickstarter, just short of the $100,000 goal.

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