Last year, a team driving a gas-powered Edison2 VLC (Very Light Car) won the X Prize Mainstream Class, after which the company hinted that a similar car with “other power sources” could cure range anxiety. In preliminary testing of their subsequent eVLC, an electric version of the same car, Edison2 reported an astonishing 310 miles per gallon equivalent in testing. That’s not an EPA-certified number, but now the EPA has ruled on the eVLC and given it an amazing 245 mpge official rating! And that’s not all. Those same tests proved the eVLC has a 114-mile range in its small 10.5-kWh battery and can recharge on a standard household outlet in just 6 hours. This is efficient enough to scrap the need for an electric vehicle charging infrastructure completely if all electric cars were this quick-charging.

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The question now is if the eVLC can pass all its safety tests to get on the road. Simulations of the necessary tests for the lightweight 1,031-pound car show it could theoretically pass its exams, but only the real tests to be performed later this year will tell us if the eVLC is a game changer or just a nice collector’s car. Either way, the eVLC has to have other electric car makers thinking of ways they can make their vehicles more efficient, as a 114-mile range and even quicker recharging would propel electric cars into the mainstream for good.

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