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The studio does not immediately give too much away from the outside with regards to its origins. Clad in an armor of rectangular steel sheets in the center, the container walls are on full colorful display on the sides, making for a very busy façade. The sturcture uses 11 containers for its basic skeleton — stacked two high on three sides with a truss roof spanning them. The resulting central room makes for the largest video studio in the area. The containers are perfect for officesand storage, ans all in all provide 5,000 square feet to stretch out in.

They call the design process “open source” — a pilfered term from the tech and media world. While we are not sure exactly what that means, it certainly resulted in an efficient use of space and materials that saved the company a lot of money. The creative part was not just thereuse of shipping containers, but is the use of materials. The mailboxes are made from storm water pipes, and all sorts of salvaged goodies make up the interior.

The building also has great outdoor access for occupants everywhere. Many of the covered porches are dotted with ceiling fans to provide little outdoor places to kickback or meet, and certainly one of the most popular places would have to be the outdoor bar made from leftover container steel.

epic has done a great job posting all the insides and out of getting a shipping container structure built over on their blog. Check it out to learn more

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