Looks like there’s some trouble in electric racing utopia. The EV Cup, the first zero-emissions racing series in the world, has cancelled its inaugural 2011 season due to delays with preparing electric cars for racing. Managing director of EV Cup Sylvian Fillippi had this to say about the delay: “The requirements for safety aspects and the delivery schedule for race cars was not going to allow sufficient time for testing.” So now what?

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Well, one further delay seems to have effectively cancelled the entire 2011 season, so it would appear the EV Cup will begin sometime in 2012–hopefully: “Due to delays in the final production of our electric cars that were to be used in our race series, it is with great regret that we are left with no choice but to abandon plans for the 2011 EV Cup race series. We had races planned at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on November 26 and Auto Club Speedway, Los Angeles on December 17,” staffers posted on the EV Cup’s Facebook page. We do hope the EV Cup is able to pull its vehicles together soon, as an all-electric and zero-emissions racing series could mean huge advancements in electric vehicle technology that trickle down to the consumer market in just a few years.

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