If the idea of spending days on the road in a tent or trailer doesn’t sound appealing, consider Stéphanie Bellanger‘s Mobile Mini House. The spacious yet compact concept home is inspired by John Lautner’s Chemosphere house and has an ingenious expanding floor plan that features a bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, and office. Bellanger’s design also has ample storage space for clothing, books, and more.

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The Mobile Mini House’s walls and floors run on rails which allow them to easily fan out to a comfortable 252° radius. In case of rain, the home also features a sliding screen. We love the colorful rooms and spaciousness of the design, but wonder about its durability during long trips. Also, it’s doubtful that most campgrounds have plots large enough to accommodate the house. Regardless, the Mobile Mini could one day be an enticing option for travelers who want to rough it while still retaining modern amenities.

+ Stéphanie Bellanger

Via My Modern Metropolis

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