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The Farm features work by artistsboth emerging and established, and focuses on those who use recycled or repurposed materials. Each of the six rooms has its own character and décor, and each either opens to the pool area or to private gardens, blurring the lines between inside and out.

The interiors are an eclectic and colorful mix of antique Indian furniture, recycled pieces and art. One suite, clad in silver and white, boasts a dining table made from plate glass and a disused motorcycle. Side tables throughout are made from recycled children’s toys, weathered crates and old chests.

Recycled materials are repurposed into decorative elements. A curtain of old keys hangs between the lounge and the outdoor patio, and a collection of green and blue glass bottles filters light, while acting as an art installation.

Visitors can also enjoy delicious Indian and Thai cuisine from the sprawling outdoor kitchen. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables are grown on The Farm’s namesake grounds, and harvested daily for the guests’ daily fare and served by candlelight outside.

The Farm is an artsy retreat from the bustling city of Jaipur, created to inspire its guests while encouraging health and relaxation.

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