Traditional reading lights are often serpentine eyesores that appear to channel the ghosts of external computer microphones or clunky bookmarks, but Masiosare Studio‘s Flaca LED lamp offers those who clamor for a more streamlined solution a sustainable way to indulge in pulp pleasures. The Flaca (which translates to “skinny” in Spanish) illuminates pages utilizing a 6-watt LED lamp, which consumes about one-fourth the energy of an incandescent bulb.

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Masiosare Studio, a Mexican industrial design company, prides itself on its innovation. While the price ($74) may seem like some serious green to dole out for a booklight, it is the product’s bold and quality design that makes it worth the cost. The main structure of the light is composed entirely of stainless steel, and its razor-thin, rectangular coils unfurl to achieve a maximum extension of 14 inches.

Between its low-energy consumption, limited material waste, and sharp minimalist aesthetic, the Flaca LED Light offers environmentally-conscious readers a sustainable alternative to contemporary incandescent reading lights.

+ Masiosare Studio