This is the Voice of Urban Nature, a gorgeous pavilion that is 100% built from local and biobased building materials in the Amsterdam and Almere region. The design is a perfect way to honor nature, coexist with nature and promote a healthier planet for plants and humans.

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Aerial view of the pavilion near a road

Architecture firm Overtreders W made the structure with wooden modules filled with hemp lime. In fact, all of the timber is sourced from regional forests or reclaimed wood. Paint made from flam oil creates a gorgeous black finish on the wood. As for the pink pigments on the hemp, it was provided by local plants. A lot of attention was paid to every single detail of the design.

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Greenery surrounding a woman taking a photo

Additionally, this incredible feature was showcased at the Floriade Expo in Amsterdam. Two entrances open to the pavilion’s walled garden. Inside, little islands of green are also framed in wood. There are six such islands in total, each one a mini biotope. Meanwhile, the pioneer garden features plants growing amongst building rubble along with those that can be used to create building materials. Edible crops, native fungi and many different plants are on display while visitors explore the pavilion.

Pathway and painted timber panels

There’s even a garden on the roof, accessible only to birds and insects, which feast on nectar-producing plants. Furthermore, the black paint is a perfect showcase for artwork from Paul Faassen. The colorful, sightly quirky drawings also add a whimsical element to the space.

Painted timber with information about nature

There are also QR codes throughout the space. Through these, visitors can learn more about inspiring people and the native species that inhabit the Amsterdam and Almere region.

This is an example of how life can be enriched by embracing the natural world. This is the Voice of Urban Nature, and it’s telling us that we need to keep nature at the forefront of anything we do.

+ Overtreders W

Images via Jorn van Eck