Who says that energy-saving LED light bulbs need to be boring? The LIFX light bulb is energy-efficient, has a 25 year life span, and changes colors via smart phone application. The bulb is currently available on Kickstarter, and has already far exceeded its target fundraising goal.

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The LIFX may just be the next coolest thing for indoor lighting. The light is an LED bulb that is wi-fi enabled and can be controlled by iPhone or Android applications, letting you remotely control the color and intensity of your lights. Timers allow the user to create schedules that automatically dim or brighten the bulbs, saving energy by adjusting to light conditions and personal routines.

LIFX can even match the mood of your music, shifting with each song played through a smart phone. The light screws into a regular socket like a standard LED bulb, and is rated at 40,000 hours. Still available through a Kickstarter campaign, a pledge of $69 will buy you one bulb.  While not the most inexpensive source of illumination, the LIFX proposal has already garnered over $1 million of its $100,000 goal and is still going strong.

+ LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented

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